Celergen for intimacy

Eieiei, now i am taking Celergen into the bedroom, lets hope no one feels offended by me going down that often slippery pathway.

Celergen Kapseln kaufen bei aalsmeerstore.comYet, this segment or use of the food supplement Celergen does not require much science or a doctor title to figure out or understand.

You see, whenever you eat plenty of PROTEINS it’s bound to happen…..

Not sure exactly what effect proteins have on women, but for men, i think everyone knows this by now. A good wive knows the little kitchen secret to “activate her men” without wearing high heels or fishnet stockings, or, behold, dance around the kitchen whipping no dairy cream but wielding a leather whip … but instead preparing a dinner that contains a couple of eggs perhaps, or a nice big veal steak, and that ought a do the trick all by itself!

Celergen-package-close-upNow i think everyone got the clue.
With the extremly high end and potential marine life (fish) proteins encapsulated in Celergen it can hardly be a surprise that taking a Celergen capsule will do the same than a platter of scrambled eggs or a big steak, in fact it really does exactly the same!

Wow, but you already have those other pills, those that promise you a whole biggie for i don’t know how long – but come with a bunch of odd side effects you could really do without??
Or, why pop a 10 dollar Celergen capsule if you can take your wife out for dinner and eat that platter of eggs or that big steak on a candle lit dinner table with low lights and sensual music (or do the same at home in your dining room)??

Well, not that i want to sell you (as an Eskimo) a fridge or deep freezer, but try to eat out for two, for 10 bucks, and, you might feel a bit full and heavy or even bloated and gassy after the meal and hence you might rather go to sleep first and see if things still could work out the next evening??

So, popping a Celergen capsule on a sunny afternoon might be the very best, lightest and most natural choice to warm up the night there after, but i am just saying …  and, did i mention it, i just can’t find no unhealthy side effects with Celergen, something those other pills, you know, can’t guarantee at all (and you could even call that bill at the restaurant a negative side effect, couldn’t you??).

  1. Celergen is safe for women who want to be pregnant or pregnant women?

    • Good question “aza”.

      Since i am not a doctor i can not make any clear claims on this one.
      In any case, since Celergen conatins omni-potent proteins it will have about the same effect (especially on men) as a good big veal steak or any other form of strong proteins, it makes them “more redily willing” to perform that life creating activity. Not sure if proteins have the same effect on women though, but in any case, that’s about all there is to the effect of Celergen as far as i can tell, all the rest is up to the medical / health condition of the 2 partners.

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