Buy Celergen for sports

Since i am not a nutritionist nor food scientist i can not make any claims about any benefits of Celergen i have not personally experienced by testing myself!

shop Celergen at buycelergen.comMy experiences:
Let me first mention that Celergen is not the first “performance enhancing supplement for prolonged sports activities” i have tested out.

Also, with “performance enhancing supplement for prolonged sports activities” i do not mean anything illegal, no doping stuff!

information about Celergen at the Celergen blogI have experimented with:
Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly
Grape Seed Extract
Energy drinks
Chinese green, white and Pu Erh teas

My experience with Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly:

Well, this one was rather quickly done, i did not experience anything outrageous with this stuff, so i quickly determined that i might as well just make good quality honey (like Forest Honey, Cold Pressed Honey, Unpasteurized Honey) my splendid regular main breakfast bread spread, and that took care of this just as good.

My experience with Grape Seed Extract:

What a rush! Popping a Grape Seed Extract pill shortly before a 3 hour stint at the pool always resulted in some frantic heated push. I don’t think this is to be considered added energy, it is more like the complete burning of whatever energy is presently available within this body. The end result has always been, total exhaustion, feeling drained, but I occasionally still use it, just for the sake of the rush it gives me.
I suspect though that consuming to much of Antioxydants may not be a good thing.

My experience with Energy drinks:

I think we all tried that once or twice in recent years with these sorts of drinks being so much advertised. So did i. Yet, caffeine BEFORE extensive sportive activity is crap, okay! Do not do sports high on caffeine! (And that is just my personal experience and advice). The energy these drinks (and all coffee drinks) offer is good for any form of SITTING activity because the “energy” is merely an intellectual wakefulness and some kind of feel good factor that makes you forget pain!

My experience with Chinese and Herbal teas:

Believe it or not, i think i started being interested in sports activities (mainly swimming though) while i was Downunder, in Australia, and had begun to brew and drink good quality green teas!
I assume this is mainly due to two of the commonly known ingredients in green teas, A: Teeine (as the caffeine in teas is more correctly and specifically called in the German language, which is much more of a physical stimuli than the caffeine in coffee) and B: the Antioxidants. I have since then always a small bottle of tea with me when i hit the pool for the currently more than 4km swimming training a day, at least 5 days a week. Over time the tea, however, has varied. Initially it was just either, a good quality whole leaf Chinese gree tea, or, preferably, a white tea, or frequently also Pu Erh tea. The downside of drinking teas would also be that there maybe such a thing as to much of antioxidants or the assumed dehydration caused be the teeine, so, over time, i started to dilute the Chinese teas with one half of freshly brewed Ginger tea, and, at present, with a third of fresh brewed Peppermint tea. The result is still the same for me, drinking these kinds of teas is a physical activator [ catalyst ].

My experience with the Celergen food supplement:

Once i read the list of ingredients of Celergen i had an idea!
If this food supplement has these acclaimed highly potent marine life proteins in it (think of bears that like to hunt salmon and sure get a lot of muscles and aggression from that) it should theoretically also be useful during sports activities, especially where endurance and high energy levels are required.
So i obtained one of these exclusive, pricey packs of 30 capsules of Celergen and started with one, and i could not believe how this stuff kicked in, i compared it instantly with a huge Texas style steak, only without the full belly!
Furthermore i discovered that the TRUE energy from these proteins in Celergen also lasts anywhere between 32 to 60 hours, if i took one Monday morning before hitting the swimming pool i could still count on a bit of extra energy also on Tuesday morning, sometimes even traces of it on Wednesday morning, probably depening on whatever foods i eat during these days.
Naturally i do cherish these relatively large capsules, i do not make it a habit to pop one every second day or so, i use Celergen whenever i feel i could use an extra push of real natural energy in my body or when i know i want to get really down and dirty (wet in the case of swimming) and stretch my physical limitations for some extra training efforts.
I am not a Doctor or sports medic, but i would imagine that Celergen’s best possible usage is actually in sports, especially endurance sports where it matters that one does not fill up the belly yet has something in them that greatly prolongs their stamina, endurance and strength to perform over lengthy periods of time, say triathletes as one of the more extreme examples.

Naturally, and since i got my Celergen through a reliable source, i do endorse this private supplier from Singapore.

  1. There’s strong evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions. Grape seed extract may help with a type of poor circulation (chronic venous insufficiency) and high cholesterol. Grape seed extract also reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes.

  2. Ramon, Teneriffe, Spain

    Hola Senores,
    I can tell both of you are no doctors, not even pharmacists or nutritionists…
    I just stumbled accidentally over this blog on an online research trip to further update my own knowledge of what is available to legally enhance a sports persons strength and stamina, and i can fill you in on the protein discrepancy you both seem to have observed but could not find a reason for:
    Hemp protein, Whey Protein and the like are considerate as “vegetable proteins”.
    To compare vegetable proteins with meat proteins or fish proteins is a bit like comparing apples with pears.

    It is commonly known that meat proteins are considerably more powerful or / and longer lasting than vegetable proteins – hmm, i probably best point you to a really good info site about the various types of proteins
    Just check on the Fish protein and you probably undertsand why Celergen is able to give you such a kick – and, let’s hope it is clean from Mercury and Dioxin.

  3. Hello, greetings from Germany.
    I read this post with great interest because i am into endurance sports myself (Radfahren, Velorennen, bicycle racing).

    However, i question the use or advantage of such protein preparations as Celergen!

    I have not tried Celergen to find out if it would give me extra strength and endurance, so i need to ask you here whether this is actual facts or not.

    To give you some insight here: We bicyclists are under extreme scrutiny regarding anything considered illegal doping, you may have heard of numerous scandals professional athletes got themselves into trying to get more out of themselves than they really had inside.
    Along with my sports medic i can manage very well to ensure i don’t get myself into such a trap, but on the other hand this leaves me with very limited choices to get an extra push of energy should i feel flat and tired in the middle of a tour.

    Now to the issue with proteins.
    I have tried them all, i mean those powder proteins, hemp protein, whey protein, protein bars etc.
    I was never able to notice much of any difference from wulfing down a protein bar or two, all though others swear on it.
    The protein powders i have made just outright TERRIBLE experiences. Nevermind how i mixed the powder into a drink, almost every time i got – literally speaking – pudding knee’s from it, no sign of power and energy, to the exact contrary!

    So, can anyone here please tell me why the proteins in Celergen should be any different or better, i would be very interested to read about that.
    Also, is there anything such as “Gratismuster” for trying out Celergen without the extra orbitant cost of buying a full package for some 240 Euro’s??

    • Na sowas aber auch Bernd 🙂
      But, let me answer in English as this blog is internationally oriented.

      Your question / comparison between proteins from powders etc, vs. high end proteins from marine life in Celergen brought up some old memories that i totally forgot to mention in this post about my personal experience with various performance enhancing LEGAL substances anyone can buy online or a pharmacy.

      I forgot it because my own tests with protein powders dates more than 10 years back.
      Back than i had a friend in Canada who would send me various smaller trial packs of protein powders, also hemp protein and also some 100% organic (bio) proteins – and i had that same experience (i assume), i got wobbly, totally wobbly, i remember those test, especially one, as i took those proteins at home, back in Switzerland BEFORE my walk to the pool and twice it happened that i was unable to complete the walk there, i had to sit down and wait and see if i recover from this strange wobbly feeling all over me. Can not precisely recall whether i di recover or not, but this was so awful that i tossed out any and all protein poweder trial packs i still had left over, never to be tried again!

      Now i want to remind every reader of this that this was another totally personal experience i went through, i am not sure if such protein powders do totally different things for others and if so why, it sure was no good for me anyway.

      Comparing the effects of Celergen with those proteins is not even a funny joke to put it mildly, it’s really totally different. I have 0 (zero) wobbly effects, and, as i described my own experiences with it, it’s basically giving me the same umph a big Texas style steak always gives me, real proteins (by the way, egg proteins also do not much for me, at least nothing i could measure) – only without the full belly.

      As to your question about some “trial size” package of Celergen i would have to refer you over to and simply either contact the site owner via the contact form or post it as a comments question there, i myself do not sell Celergen, i also just get it for my personal use.

      I just wonder, at roughly USD 10.- per capsule, if you buy only 5 for 50 or 30 for 300 – oh, right, that is a difference that would make sense…

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