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Celergen package image in golden lightI’d like to point out the following disclaimer and privacy policy:

This Celergen dedicated blog is exactly this, a blog to express my peronal experiences with the marine cell food supplement Celergen of Switzerland.

I do not collect any data from visitors to my Celergen blog (what WordPress from their side does is not known to me).

I do not track visitor numbers or any other details like from where they visited my Celergen blog (also here, what WordPress does from their end is not known to me).

I do not sell Celergen! Neither on this blog nor on the sites i recommend because i know the person/s that operate them and trust them.

If you have any concerns or questions about this Celergen blog you can either use the Comments system on each page or post, or ask me directly using below contact form.

  1. I started taking Celergen two days ago. I am utterly exhausted. Most of my life I have been tired and am always seeking a cure, supplement, diet, shot, anything – to get me moving. There was only ONE treatment which actually worked and it was monthly injections of placenta cellular. This was in France. Now that I’m living in the US, I was unable to find the same cure. I finally decided to research a similar product and discovered Celergen.
    Participating in this blog would be very supportive and I look forward to hearing more about this product but mot of all, I hope it works!

    • I certainly hope that Celergen will energize you Katleen.
      Sounds a bit like your tiredness is a medical condition, so i am not sure how Celergen will affect you specifically, but as far as my own personal testing (on myself, for endurance swimmin, not regularly but in random sequences) is concerned those marine proteins etc. sure give me a boost like no other supplement i have ever tried.

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