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Close up photo of a Celergen capsule and package

I am my own little Guinea Pig for many things i have taken an interest in and wanted to research in life.
“I am” is Rudolf Megert, you find me at rudolf.comxa.com.

I dedicate this blog to the very interesting new food supplement Celergen, with my own experience and, hopefully with many others commenting about their own Celergen experience here as well.

I have learned how to become a reasonably good painting artist and even a musician.

I have studied and researched Astrology from all aspects and angles to make sure it is a science to me, not a superstition. (Siehe auch meine Astrologische Beratung in Deutscher Sprache).

I have spent endless hours on the pc to become a good multi lingual freelance web designer and eventually also a multi lingual WordPress applications handler and designer.

And, last but not least, i ventured into swimming as a sport. In this i swim at present about 16 to 21 kilometers a week, and here is where my Celergen testing comes in!

Please read through this blog of mine to learn about the experiences i made with Celergen i bought through a very reliable individual Celergen distributor from Singapore.
Please use my contact form (below the disclaimer text) for inquiries on how and where to safely buy Celergen.

  1. Does anybody really know what Celergen is?? Sure you can say its fish protein blah blah blah. I have a healthy lifestyle weight train 4 days a week and run 12 miles a week for the last 15 years. I am in great health not just physically but internally (so far in life).. I bought the product at the recommendation of my attorney. I have been using for 2 months. Aside from the cost being high I do not see or feel anything different than I did prior to spending the 350.00 a month for it. My doctor says he researched it and could find anything posted or written about the actual ingredients in the supplement which throws up red flags.. For all we know these are just placebos and have no real effect at all. When I read the different post youhere people saying that improves all kinds of different ailments and conditions. It just can’t be true. This would be the magic pill of history. I really think this is a great marketing ploy for the more affluent whom it really doesn’t affect in the pocket so they just buy in case it was real. I do take Omega 3 Fish Oil, CLA, vitamin D, vitamin E, CoQ-10, Red yeast Rice and a few others daily which do tell you whats in it and does improve health when taken regularly. So what is it Celergen???

    • Hi John, you are absolutely right, after 1 1/2 years of swallowing these expensive pills a aquaintance of mine could neither find anything on himself that made him look of feel younger – and i just removed the “anti aging” pages on my blog here.

      However, the 6 or 7 ingredients have always been listed somewhere in or on the package as fas as i recall (have not bought this anymore in 2 years or more), and it was that list that made me try out the potential of the marine proteins for sportive activities – to which i can still say “never seen anything protein based that gave more energy than this”.
      If the ingredients are no longer anywhere with that packaging, sorry, maybe you can get it directlt from the global supplier, Avita in Singapore??
      My own reseller was forced to remove his website by Avita, dubious practices by these people, but that website had the list of ingredients on it as well.

      But, i wonder, if you take so many supplements (which are mostly unnecessary with a normal healthy diet and lifestyle), how can you still tell which does what??

  2. Hi, i like the idea of a legal food supplement that would provide me with powerful marine proteins.
    Swiss Celergen seems to be that kind of product, but it is not exactly cheap.
    I searched around for something that could show me in detail what’s inside the box, i mean, what exactly does a box of Swiss Celergen anit aging food supplement with high potency fish proteins contain, can you tell me, or even better show me??

  3. Celergen ist ein Super-Ernährungsergänzungsmittel, auch wenn man an keinem IronMan teilnehmen will, so wie ich. Ich verwende Celergen seit einiger Zeit und fühl mich super gut damit

  4. It sounds like a valuable supplement. How long have you been taking it?

    • Hi Gail,
      I myself have started to take it about the end of November 2010, roughly 10 months ago.

      I must add though that i never took Celergen on a daily basis nor for it’s cell rejuvenation factor or because it would perhaps make me look like a 25 year old again, i got 1 single pack of Celergen solely because i figured those fish proteins must be doing something for me – and i am glad i can say that it is apparent to me now that this is indeed the case!
      In other words, i only take a Celergen capsule when i feel i could use a bit of extra pull in my swimming strokes, for anything else i use Masta Card (so the saying goes) :-), and that sure works great, such a pleasure to not only “hang in there to get the daily training done and over with”, but to actually feel like i could go on and on, and best of all pull without getting or feeling tense and tired of it.
      Just a ton of fun….

  5. Correct Jonathan,
    (on both parts), PCB is a great Ironman event (but i do love the one in Forster-Tuncurry, NSW, Australia http://ironman.com/events/ironman/australia/ironman-australia-triathlon#axzz1aaMPpNII
    the most, it’s such a great natural environment there, feels like running through an open air zoo….

    About the Celergen, indeed, forget the getting younger stuff and cell therapy, we are young already, right??
    This cell therapy with Celergen might work in the long term, but for us Ironman athletes that is of minor interest, we need to eat something that gives us prolonged fitness and energy besides of the usual carbs. Since we can’t fill up our bellies with huge steaks, eggs and beans we now can simply resort to a capsule of Celergen, does the exact same trick, only without the full and heavy belly (that we could not use anyway).

  6. Jonathan P. Martello

    Hey Takahashi, hope to see you soon at one of the geat Ironman events, i usually go to the one in Panama City Beach, Florida.

    By the way, i think this Celergen blog is absolutely spot on, it’s these FISH PROTEINE’S in Celergen that give the extra energy that is good for any type of endurance sports i would say, have only had the chance to try 2 such capsules so far, given to me by my training’s buddy, unfortunately a bit expensive for my current budget……..

  7. Takahashi Manaka

    Hello there,
    i interested in buying Celergen, I do Ironman competitions around the world!
    You writ here that you recommend the buycelergen.com website to buy Celergen direct online anywhere in the world, but when read in buycelergen.com i do not find very many information about sports performance enhancing with Celergen, instead it talks about cell therapy and such things i don’t need to be fit for an Ironman competition.

    Can you please say why you post recommends Celergen to improve performance in sports, especially for endurance sports performance like is necessary for Ironman??

    • Hi Takahashi San,
      I guess – if you did check the follow up tick box after posting this question – you already found sufficient answers by others than myself.

      Thanks Nancy and Jonathan for your helpful responses, also glad i am not the only one that has realized the potential of Celergen as a legal performance enhancing food supplement for any sports requiring a high amount of energy and endurance.

      To Takahashi an additional note:
      If you look at
      you see only a little hint that Celergen improves physical performance (chart images 4 and 5 and perhaps also 7).
      But, this wouldn’t be the first time some food supplement or pharmaceutical has found other usages than the ones initially intended by it’s inventors or manufacturer’s.

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