Celergen vitality vs. energy food

I have not posted anything about the Swiss food supplement Celergen in a while.

The reason for this was that i like to make my own personal observations based on my own experience, and to do this for as long as it takes, to make sure that what I think works in a particular way, is actually indeed the case in various situations.

I would like to point out again, that these are my personal observations from consuming the high quality proteins in the Celergen capsules. In the interest of full disclosure, I have no connection with the producers of this interesting product, other than getting a sample from my personal source in Singapore – who can distribute Celergen to almost anywhere in the world, und ist auch der Deutschen Sprache (en de Nederlandse taal) bewandt.

Here is my observation made over the past several months, occasionally popping a truly energizing Celergen capsule before swimming my routine distance of – by now – 6km’s a morning:

I started to compare the resulting effect with that of eating a nice big steak in the evening before my daily morning routine – which now totals about 3-1/2 hours non-stop swimming.
At night I experienced some slight tension in my muscles (after eating such a big steak that evening. The folowing morning, once at the pool, i would certainly feel the benefits of the meat protein, but, there was this slightly discomforting tensity in my muscles that i could also still feel, even more so as the workout progressed on, i started to blame the issue of hurting shoulder muscles on the meat protein.

Tense shoulder muscles are not unusual for endurance or speed swimmers, but the less the better, and what one eats does make a difference!

When i say difference i mean the difference to days without meat on the table.

So, in between i took some weeks especially without meat, but swallowed instead a Celergen capsule early morning before heading towards the pool (approx. an hour before the start of my workout routine).
As far as i am concerned the energy provided by the Celergen capsule outperforms the meat protein intake the night before (as described above).
The Celergen energy is also noticably present for the next mornings entire workout plus for the third morning in part.
I still have to evaluate and test further if the intake of Celergen makes it harder for me to find a good nights sleep or not.
This is not so easy to research because i sometimes sleep bad and sometimes very well without any Celergen being taken. Getting back to the energy boost derived from taking Celergen:

I can clearly say that i have had no muscle issues after Celergen intake. I mean my muscles would not feel tense or get tense during workout sessions at all, to the contrary, but, of course, being in such a situation, energized without pain, the usual thing happens, i make an extra lap and another and one more, maybe not wise, because the extended, already extensive workout will eventually put a strain on any muscle naturally, but if i keep my workouts within my physical limits and would be asked what i want to boost my energy, Celergen or a steak (or any other meat of choice) – i would clearly opt for Celergen.


About Be Celergized, buy Celergen for real sports energy

I am an individual test person of the Celergen Celltherapy food supplement. I buy Celergen from a reliable trustworthy registered supplier in Singapore, please use my contact form to ask for his contact details if you are interested in buying Celergen too.

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