Unpacking a box of Swiss Celergen VIDEO

I was asked this several times; “what’s inside the box of a Swiss Celergen package“?

So, i decided to use my most recently purchased ( from my supplier in Singapore, contact me for his details) own pack of SwissCelergen and create a video document that shows everyone interested in the anti aging high end fish proteins containing SwissCelergen food supplement what’s inside a shipped Celergen box.
Here is the SwissCelergen unpacking video:

Orders of 1 or 2 packs of SwissCelergen are commonly shipped in a padded envelope, larger quantities of this exclusive anti aging high end proteins containing food supplement i mainly use for my sports performance demands would be shipped in a regular cardboard container.

I would like to make the point once more here, please do not ask me if i can sell you SwissCelergen – simply because i can’t, i have no licence to sell this product, and honestly speaking i am no reseller of anything, it’s (i guess) just not my style.

I buy my Swiss Celergen from the trusted source mention further up in this post, and that is good enough for myself.
I only put up this Celergen blog because i want to post my very own personal experiences using this powerful proteins containing perfectly legal performance enhancing SwissCelergen product for reflection purposes and hopefully also for others to share their own respective experiences with Celergen.


About Be Celergized, buy Celergen for real sports energy

I am an individual test person of the Celergen Celltherapy food supplement. I buy Celergen from a reliable trustworthy registered supplier in Singapore, please use my contact form to ask for his contact details if you are interested in buying Celergen too.

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  1. Hi, there is now also a new Celergen Serum Royale out that can be purchased from the same distributor in Singapore.

  2. can pregnant ladies take this celergen for their health any harmful in this

    • To be honest DR Chandru, i can not say anything certain, whether pro nor con in regards to woman during pregnancy.
      Since Celergen contains no artificial chemical ingredients, only natural ones commonly approved everywhere i can only assume that it would be highly unlikely to cause any issues, but perhaps the dosage should be reduced, after all, this is a supplement, and as with Vitamins etc. there is such a thing as to much, but control by a Doctor is still the best thing to do.

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