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This is the Celergen blog that i will use to post any news on the food supplement Celergen that i frequently use myself to give me an extra boost (indeed a good extra boost of high end marine life proteins that are the main ingredients of Celergen) for lengthy swim trainings of 3 hours plus or 4km’s plus in distance.
So, at present i have pretty much established that the food supplement Celergen absolutely is a valuable energy booster for anyone into endurance sports.

Yet, there are a wide range of claims Celergen of Switzerland makes as to what else it can do for it’s users.

I have asked my acquaintance in Singapore – the one that is selling Celergen directly to me as a reputable and reliable source (contact details can be forwarded if you are interested in more details on buying Celergen to try it for yourself, please use my contact form (below the disclaimer text) for such inquiries in English, aber auch auf Deutsch, of in het Nederlands – about his experience, since he has been taking Celergen on a very regular basis for several years.
He, as well as another friend of his, do not specifically use Celergen to get an energy boost for extensive sportive activities, but mainly for plain and simple health benefits. (Both are senior citizens in good shape).

Now, maybe it becomes increasingly difficult with aging to observe what any food supplement is really doing inside ones body.
Sure is that both could not honestly confirm (nor deny) that they slowly but surely begun to look and feel younger than they where before taking Celergen for the first time.
There have been various studies on Celergen, but, naturally, the final word is at the users end, and that is why i too would love to hear from you – other Celergen users out there – what experiences you have made with Celergen. For this purpose you can use the COMMENTS system at the bottom of each page to share your point of view about Celergen.


About Be Celergized, buy Celergen for real sports energy

I am an individual test person of the Celergen Celltherapy food supplement. I buy Celergen from a reliable trustworthy registered supplier in Singapore, please use my contact form to ask for his contact details if you are interested in buying Celergen too.

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